3 Definite Signs That Emergency Garage Door Repairs Are Needed For Defective Cables

A garage door has many parts, which is why maintenance is important. The average homeowner is not equipped to perform major repairs and should rely on professionals for servicing. The weight of garage doors is heavy enough to cause serious injuries or death. There are also property damage risks. The springs and cables are critical parts that are responsible for lifting and lowering doors. They can last a long time, but at some point, they need to get replaced.

Most manufacturers give estimated lifespans, but the time when these parts wear out may be different than the estimates. Some individuals raise and lower their doors more frequently, which means that their springs and cables are likely to wear out sooner. The following points identify key signs that professional repairs are needed.

Defective Bearings

The bearings are usually made of steel and keep the garage door cables stabilized. They last a long time but eventually wear out. If they are not replaced, they will inevitably cause damage to the cables. Instead of the cables sliding through the bearings smoothly, they will rub against the damaged bearings and permanent markings will indicate that they are damaged. The friction may produce a burnt smell. If the issue is not addressed, the cables will break. A garage door technician can inspect the cables for damage when they change the bearings. 

Loose Cables

It is unsafe to operate a garage door that has loose cables. This is because there will not be anything to support the weight of the door. The springs cannot perform this action on their own. Sometimes technicians may notice during a broken garage door cable repair that the springs also need to be replaced. Homeowners might not be happy about the extra cost, but theoretically, it is good to get both critical parts replaced at the same time. 

Corroded and Frayed Cables

These are telltale signs that garage door cables are a risk of breaking at any moment. Fraying occurs when cables have reached the end of their lifespan. Corrosion can be prevented by routinely lubricating the cables. This is something that is done during maintenance appointments. Technicians can teach homeowners how to lubricate their own garage door cables between service appointments. 

A garage door repair company is a good resource for homeowners to use if they suspect they have broken cables. Technicians can inspect doors and parts for damage and replace parts. They can also explain the importance of routine inspections and maintenance. An important part of maintenance appointments includes inspecting cables and springs for damage. Broken garage door cables pose significant safety risks and the issue should be treated as an emergency garage door repair.

For more information about emergency garage door repairs, contact a local company.

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