Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Garage doors boost the security of your vehicle by limiting access to your garage. Nonetheless, garage doors are susceptible to damage due to frequent usage and exposure to weather elements. Therefore, garage door repair may be necessary to ensure your door's longevity. Unfortunately, you may not know when to repair your garage door until it's severely damaged. So, when should you repair your garage door? Here are the indicators.

Rust and Decay

Exposure of your garage door to excess moisture may cause damage. For example, wooden doors may rot, and metal doors may rust. The rusty or rotten parts may look unattractive and affect your door's operation efficiency. For instance, if the moving parts, like door rollers, rust, they may strain to work, slowing down door opening and closing. Also, a rotten frame may collapse with time, halting door operations. In such cases, garage door repair may be necessary.

Door Operation Delay or Failure

If your garage door works slower than usual, this may indicate a problem. For example, the door's parts, including the tracks, may be worn out, causing your door to slow down. If your garage door is severely damaged, it may fail to raise or lower. Fortunately, garage door repair restores normal door operation, ensuring easy access to the space.

Odd Sounds

When your garage door opens or closes, it may produce a quiet sound. However, the door may be damaged if it makes an abnormal sound. For instance, if the door makes a grinding sound, the door's moving parts may be rusty or broken. Also, a banging sound indicates loose parts. Garage door repair services can investigate the cause of the odd noises and provide lasting solutions.


Your garage door may crack due to physical impact. The cracks may weaken your garage door, increasing the risk of collapse. Thus, consider performing garage door repair early to prevent the cracks from extending. This increases your door's lifespan and saves you from incurring garage door replacement expenses.

Mold Growth

Excess moisture around your garage door may result in mold growth. Molds are unsightly, which may negatively affect your property's curb appeal. Additionally, mold spores may trigger allergies in your pets and property occupants. Besides, mold growth on the door's tracks may prevent garage door rollers from working efficiently. Garage door repair, in this case, may entail mold removal. This ensures proper door operations while protecting your health and home aesthetics.

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