Important Information About Malfunctioning Garage Doors

Does your garage door function in a sporadic and loud fashion that you feel is disturbing the peace of neighbors? If your neighborhood is managed by a homeowners association (HOA), leaving your garage door in such a poor condition might be against the rules. Even if your neighbors have not complained yet, the HOA could warn and fine you if the door is not repaired in a timely fashion. Due to the dangers involved with a garage door repair, do not attempt to resolve the problem on your own. Although certain garage door problems are easy to repair without any danger involved, major repairs are a safety hazard. 

Springs Can Become Damaged and Uncoiled

The most dangerous aspect of repairing a malfunctioning garage door is when the springs are involved. The reason is due to the power that the springs have and the ability they have to quickly uncoil and recoil. For example, the springs are powerful because they support the heavy weight of the garage door. If you were to attempt disconnecting a spring to make a repair, the spring could uncoil and recoil in a sporadic manner and cause an injury. A contractor has experience and knows the steps that should be taken to safely repair the springs.

Misaligned Garage Door Tracks Are a Common Issue

All it takes is for one of the tracks to become misaligned for a garage door to start malfunctioning. For example, if a track is not as straight as it should be, the door will have a difficult time opening and closing. As the door struggles to move along the misaligned tracks, a lot of noise can be made and disturb neighbors. Keep in mind that the tracks could also lead to the door making noise when they are aligned, but there is rust, dirt, or debris interfering with the movement of the door. Cleaning and realigning the tracks is a quick repair for a professional to make, even replacing the tracks if it is necessary.

Sometimes Oil is Needed to Resolve Problems

It is only natural for a garage door to need oil every now and then. The reason is due to the number of metal parts that are used to make the door functional. A contractor can inspect the door and parts to determine if oil is all that is needed to resolve the problem. For example, the metal tracks or springs might need to be oiled.

Reach out to a garage door repair company for more information.

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