What To Do If Your Garage Door Opener Stops Working Properly

If you use an electric door opener on your garage door and it stops working or is performing poorly, you may need a garage door opener repair service to come and inspect the system. Often door opener failures are related to something in the rest of the system. Still, it takes some understanding of the opener to diagnose where the issues are and if the door opener needs replacing.

Full Door Opener Failure

If the door opener on your garage stops responding to the remote and the switch on the wall inside, you may have an opener that has stopped working. Check the breaker that feeds the door opener to verify that there is power to the unit. You can also check that the light on the opener is coming on when you press the activation button. 

If the breaker is tripped, you may need to have a garage door opener repair service check the unit to see if there is a short or other issues that are causing a power overload. If the motor inside the opener is not working, the surge of electricity and the high resistance resulting from the inoperable motor could cause the breaker to kick off. 

There is also a circuit breaker on the door opener, so if the main breaker in the house for the door opener is fine, but you still can't get the door opener to operate, you can try resetting it using the button on the case. If that does not work, there is a more significant issue inside the unit that the garage door opener repair service will need to figure out. 

Slow Moving Doors

A sluggish garage door when opening or closing may be related to the door opener; however, the opener may not be able to more the door effectively because of a problem somewhere else in the system. Often, a track out of alignment or damaged rollers on the door can cause drag on the system that will cause the door opener to move slower than it should. 

Having the door inspected by a garage door opener repair service is the best way to determine if the problem is the door or the opener and how it is best resolved. In many cases, the door and tracks can be adjusted or worn parts replaced to resolve the issue, but if it is determined that the opener is at fault, you may need to have the opener repair tech replace it.

Door opener replacement doesn't take a lot of time. Still, it is critical that the rest of the system is working correctly or you could be replacing the opener with one that is going to have the same issues because the door, tracks, or springs need service if you have the opener replaced without any diagnosis of the problem. 

For more information on garage door opener repair, contact a professional near you.

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If you use an electric door opener on your garage door and it stops working or is performing poorly, you may need a garage door opener repair service