Get Your Residential Garage Door Opener Checked When You Observe These Red Flags

If your home's garage door has been installed only recently, then it probably features a garage door opener. This is because most modern garage doors are designed to be compatible with openers.

Put simply, a garage door opener is what allows you to open and close your garage door without handling it manually. It can be controlled with a remote or by operating a switch hard-wired to the garage wall. However, most modern versions incorporate both operating mechanisms, with the wall switch acting as a fail-safe for remote control door operation.

While garage door openers are built to keep garage doors working reliably, they can develop problems that undermine their effectiveness. The best way to prevent a complete opener failure from occurring is to keep a lookout for early signs of trouble. 

With that said, here are some common signs of a faulty garage door opener.

Garage Door Not Opening Or Closing At All

If your garage door remains opened or closed when you try to operate it, this is an obvious sign of a failed opener. To check if the problem is with your remote-control device, try operating the door using the switch on your garage wall.

If your remote doesn't work but the wall switch does, it means that you have a problematic remote. If both operating systems fail, then it's likely that something's wrong with your door opener.

Random Garage Door Operation

If your garage door randomly reverses or stalls midway during operation, this is an indication that the opener isn't working as it should. The problem could be due to the presence of obstructions in the path that your garage door travels.

As your garage door comes into contact with the obstructions, its operating system's safety sensors may make it stop or reverse to prevent an accident or injury. 

Garage Door Makes Strange Noises During Operation

If you're accustomed to the sound that your garage door opener makes when it's running properly, then you should know that any unusual noises that may come from the opener are a cause for concern.

Some of the common noises you should keep an ear out for include rattling, grinding, popping, squeaking, and buzzing sounds. Different opener noises point to different problems, but they all indicate that your opener needs some attention.

The key to avoiding expensive garage door opener repairs is to take corrective action at the first signs of trouble. If you notice any problems with your garage door opener, don't hesitate to contact the professionals at a residential garage door opener company close to you.

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