2 Ways To Make Your Garage Door Fit Your Aesthetic

If you need a new garage door, you may worry about what it will look like, especially if you are trying to go for a particular aesthetic for your house or you live in an area where you have to meet certain appearances, like an historic district. Luckily, there are still options out there for you. You don't have to worry about trying to keep your aesthetic or meeting the standards of your area, because you are going to be able to do that while still having the garage door that you want to have. So what are some options?

Carriage Doors

One of the things that you can do is to go with garage doors that look like carriage doors. If your house is any style that is Victorian or older, eras where carriages and carriage houses were much more common, you can make your garage, whether connected or detached, look like it's a carriage house. The doors will look like they are made out of wood, even if they aren't. It is easy to make sure that the metal doors have a wood finish. These doors, instead of rolling up, will open out because the hinges will be on the side, so it opens like a door in your house. One thing you need to worry about when you get doors like this is making sure that you have enough space for the doors to open. 

Faux Finishes

The garage door company will be able to give you doors that have had faux finishes on them. Those faux finishes will make sure that the plain door looks like pretty much anything you want it to look like. That will let it blend in with the aesthetic of your house as well as that of your neighborhood. Part of those faux finishes can include making sure that the garage door is any color you want it to be. Depending on what the door is made of, the color may be mixed into the material of the door, or it could be a coating that is baked onto the door, which is something that could happen if the door is made out of metal. 

If you need to replace your garage door but you are worried about how it will look, there are various things that you can do so that it will fit in with your house or any other look that you want. Talk to a company like Wise Garage Doors to learn more.

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