A Steel Garage Door Has Benefits That Deserve a Close Look

If your old garage door is showing its age, then you're probably thinking about installing a new one soon. You can choose from a variety of materials in garage doors, but steel is a popular choice for good reason. Here's a look at why a steel garage door is a good choice for your home.

Steel Is Nearly Maintenance Free

Steel is a tough and durable material which is why it's useful for many construction applications around homes. It's a perfect material for doors that are exposed to all kinds of weather and long hours of sun exposure. Steel doesn't warp, dent easily, or rot. Insects don't bother it and animals like rats and raccoons can't damage it easily. Steel used in garage doors is also resistant to rust so you don't have to worry about the door becoming unsightly due to rust spots.

Since it's so durable, steel is nearly maintenance free. The door itself shouldn't need much upkeep other than washing it to keep it clean. However, you'll still want to do regular maintenance on the inside of the door where there are working parts. It's a good idea to inspect and service any type of garage door regularly to keep it rolling smoothly.

Steel Is a Good Choice for Home Security

Steel keeps your home more secure. Steel is used to make strong security and fire doors for homes and businesses and these same protective qualities are found in steel garage doors. If security is a concern, choose a door without windows so no one can see what you have stored in your garage. When you keep a valuable car, tools, or other items stored in your garage, you want a garage door that is sturdy and protects against intruders. A steel door stays strong throughout its life since it doesn't succumb to decay.

Steel Doors Come in Different Colors

It's easy to find a steel garage door that matches your home and property because they come in several different colors. You can also buy a steel door that mimics the look of wood. If you like to change the exterior color of your home every few years, you'll appreciate how easy it is to paint a steel garage door and how well it accepts paint. This allows you to have a garage door that's any color you want. Of course, a common color for steel doors is basic white, and it's a good match for almost every type of exterior paint color.

Another good thing about a steel garage door is that it is an affordable option when compared to other types of garage doors. Affordability combined with durability and low maintenance requirements makes a steel garage door a choice that's worth a close look when you're shopping for a new door. For more information, contact a garage door service like Eudy Door Co.

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