A Guide To Replacing Overhead Garage Panels

Did you know that many garage is have basic modular design that makes it easy to remove and replace the panels? So, if you have considered updating your garage doors, whether it be for style, repair, or insulation reasons, it might be a remodel project that is much more affordable than you imagined. This article explains the basic process of removing garage panels and installing a new product in their place.

Are Your Panels Removable?

First of all, not every garage has a removable panels. Usually, you can tell how hard it will be to remove your panels by just examining from the inside. Most panels are set within a metal frame, attached by just a few mounting screws on each panel. So, you can remove the screws and the panel will be easy to take out of the frame.

Also, before you begin, you want to order your replacement frames directly from their original manufacture of your garage door. This way you can easily find panels that will not only fit your frames, but also be within the weight range of your motor. Most manufacturers will even deliver the new panels directly to your home, taking the headache out of transporting them to your property.

Installing the Panels

When your panels arrive at your property, you can start to remove the existing panels. You should replace the panels one by one. That is, don't remove all of the panels at once. This is definitely a two person job, especially when working on a two car garage with wider panels. When it comes to installing new panels, you want to prevent them from flexing and bending too much. Hold the panel firmly at both ends and insert it into the frame. The panel might need to forced into the frame. At this point, you need to secure the screws from the inside of the garage. Make sure at least one person continues to hold the panels in place while the first few screws are attached.

Obviously, this project is not actually that difficult, but it will have a significant impact on your garage. New panels will make your actual garage space more functional, by adding insulation. It also adds to the curb appeal of your home. The garage is usually very close to the curb, so it stands out. You want to impress people with stylish new garage doors that make your home. Contact a company, like Automatic Door Company, for more help.

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