5 New Garage Door Features Ideal For Smart Phone Integration

When installing a new garage door for your home, you do not need to keep using the same type of technology that has been used for numerous years. Garage doors have evolved and can now be integrated with modern technology features. When working with garage door professionals, you can find a number of features that allow you to use a garage door with modern technology like your smart phone. The following five features can be found on most garage doors and will really change the way you operate and use these doors in the modern era.

Digital Garage Door Opener

Instead of purchasing multiple garage door remotes or worrying about which vehicle you keep them in, access to your garage door can be instantly accessed from a smart phone device. App downloads can connect you directly to your garage door opener. With just a tap on your phone, you can open the garage and easily pull inside. The openers can connect using Bluetooth technology so the opener can actually detect when you've pulled into your driveway.

Garage Door Monitors & Alerts

The security of a garage door is greatly improved when it can be digitally connected through apps and smart phones. Garage door installation specialists can install special monitors and motion detectors that are connected to your Wi-Fi internet at home. With this connection, you can receive alerts anytime your garage door is opened or accessed. These sensors also give you the ability to check the status of your garage door. For example, if you thought that you left the door open, you can check the status and shut it directly from your phone.

Garage Thermostat

During both the summer and the winter, knowing the temperature of your garage can be a valuable resource for getting in and out of the car. A garage door opener can be installed with a digital thermostat built into it. By getting temperature readings and connecting directly to a furnace or a cooling element, it can warm up or cool down your garage for the best comfort when you arrive home. This is also a great feature if you use the garage a lot for working on cars or other hobbies.

Digital Pet Doors

If you own a cat or dog that likes to go outside, then you can purchase a garage door with a pet door installed on it. Upgrading the doors to a digital version can protect the safety of the garage and help control when your pet is allowed outside. Digital pet doors feature access to door locks and openings. During a work day, you can unlock the door for your pet to go outside. Sensors can automatically tell you when you pet is near the door and trying to access an outside area. Some of these doors feature built-in cameras so you can obtain video footage of your animal and check on the surrounding area. These cameras can face either inside or outside of the garage door area.

Projection Screens

New garage door installations can act as the ideal location for a makeshift drive-in theater experience. When you order a flat garage door with a light color base, you can easily use the surface as a backdrop for projection technology. Many smart phones have the capability to attach to a small projector through HDMI conversion cables or wireless connections. When pointed at the flat surface of a garage door, you can easily stream movies, television shows, and music videos. Whether you're sitting in a car or setting up chairs in the driveway, this is a great way to enjoy entertainment content during summer nights.

When inquiring about garage door installations, it's a good idea to request these specific features related to a smart phone. This will help you make the best selection and have a garage door that fits your modern trends and the technology you use.

For more information and options, talk with a professional garage door installation company, such as A AAA Allstate Door Company.

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